Dr. James Murtagh, MD

Dr. James Murtagh

James Murtagh is a doctor of pulmonary, critical care and sleep medicine. Murtagh’s career combines both writing and science. He has earned awards as an essay writer, as a Merit scholar and as a Westinghouse science award recipient. After graduation with top honors from a six-year combined medical program at University of Michigan medical school, Murtagh did his residency in internal medicine at Parkland Hospital in Dallas Texas. He then sub-specialized in pulmonary and critical care at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), where he served as a staff scientist in molecular biology for five years. Later, he took the lead in the emerging field of Sleep Medicine. 

In 1991, James Murtagh became assistant professor at Emory University medical school. He earned tenure in less than four years, and was awarded more than $2 million in grants for innovative research, and was awarded three patents for DNA detection methods. Dr. James Murtagh became a prolific writer, authoring more than 40 articles (in Journal of Biologic Chemistry, Biotechniques, Nucleic Acid Research), and contributed to books on more general medicine topics and on bioethics. He became a scientific advisor to Boehringer Mannheim. Dr. Murtagh served at Atlanta VA hospital and at Grady Memorial County Hospital on joint appointment. 

In recent years, Dr. James Murtagh has devoted substantial effort to medical ethics and medical writing. He is a founder of the medial ethics consulting group “Team Integrity.” Murtagh recently chaired a congressional forum “The Health Integrity Project,” as reported in Time Magazine in collaboration with Tom Devine at the Washington “Government Accountability Project.” 

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A Selected List of Articles by Dr. James Murtagh (Galen) 

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